In the world's great universities, students, faculty, and staff are driven by a burning desire to make a difference.

They hunger to tackle big problems, to disrupt, and to shape transformative solutions to real-world issues. At uOttawa we share that ambition. Many of our faculty members and alumni have already made substantial and lasting impacts, and we will nurture and intensify this urgent sense of purpose, making it an indispensable element of uOttawa’s culture.

Over the next decade we will increase our impact. By 2030 we will matter more to more people, be more valued by more partners, and be recognized for our commitment to making the greatest positive impact that we can on behalf of the people and communities we serve.

Dr. Manisha Kulkarni

Associate Professor,
Faculty of Medicine School of Epidemiology
and Public Health

Impact is knowing that my work is contributing to a wider body of research while also improving the health and wellbeing of our communities, both at home and abroad.

Objective 1

Give ourselves the means to make a difference: Achieve a level of philanthropic success consistent with our ambition to distinguish ourselves as a top-tier research university in Canada


Increase fundraising and endowment revenue and improve U15 benchmarking


  • Elevate the professional skills and capacities of our central and faculty-based advancement teams
  • Develop a suite of tools to support all advancement activities, including key linkages with areas such as Facilities and inter-sectoral governance structure (e.g. a revenue generation committee ). Integrate data from across the institution in support of fundraising

Objective 2

Leverage our assets to make a difference: Develop potentially high-impact research initiatives at all levels of scale from local to global


Use faculty hiring to increase capacity, research strength, and impact in high-priority areas


  • Reallocate resources to support incremental full-time faculty recruitment
  • Reserve positions for priority areas, including those identified through EDI planning

Objective 3

Making a difference starts here: Improve the student experience academically, culturally, recreationally and socially to prepare students to go out into the world and make their mark


Value the student’s classroom experience


  • Recognize, promote and reward effective and dedicated teaching in tenure and promotion considerations


Foster a stronger sense of belonging


  • Continue and expand the work begun by the uOSatisfACTION working group and the student success working group
  • Develop a new Student Services Hub on Brooks site
  • Establish an International Students Centre
  • Increased outreach and engagement of students while on campus to develop their affinity toward their university for positive future relationship as alumni and donors

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